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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on Types of Commercial Insurance

Types of Commercial Insurance

In order to give you a better understanding…

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What is Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation is a type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured while at work. The premium is based on payroll and paid in quarterly payments. By having this coverage, the employee’s right to sue for negligence is relinquished and therefore gives the policy holder peace of mind in case the worst should happen.


What is Equipment Coverage?

There is a misconception that general liability or commercial auto insurance will cover damaged or stolen tools, however a seperate policy is needed in order to keep your tools and equipment safe. The amount of coverage you need is based on the tool/equipment value. If the equipment or tool is worth more than $500, you will need to list the individual item on the policy otherwise, it is a bulk value for all of your hand tools and equipment.


What is an umbrella policy?

An umbrella policy basically covers what your primary insurance does not. If your primary insurance doesn’t have enough coverage to cover something, the umbrella policy will take up the slack.Think of it as an actual umbrella over your other insurances; if it rains you will not get wet. Umbrella policies can go over both personal and commercial policies. Underwriting may sometimes require you to have the maximum insurance coverages on your primary in order to be covered by an umbrella.

For an even better understanding and to make sure you are properly covered, give John Wycoff a call!


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